Samsung Galaxy Note 3 HLTE 9005. Running /e/

I switched off the screen by accident.
And I have no idea how to switch it on again.
Does someone?

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Are you saying that if you switch off the phone, when you switch it on, the screen is still off?

A Soft reset on a Samsung is to Power off while holding Volume down. That will usually clear unwanted behaviour.

Yes that’s happening, the screen is on for a split second and than it’s off.
Unfortunately your method did not work. Tried with volume up, still the same.
I can see “phone is starting up” and then the screen is off.

Hi @rex
I dont know this message on Samsung !
About the screen off, are you using a magnetic cover ?

The message I think, comes from /e/OS, my Fairphone 3 comes with same one.
Normally I’m using an Otterbox as cover.

Will the phone boot into Recovery mode? (This might give a clue if it is a hardware problem). Similarly, can you reach Download mode? Any clues written there.

I had some very unusual behaviour on my Samsung when the hardware buttons had become a bit sticky and my volume switch seemed to have become capable of “double clicking”!

Worst case you probably know a Factory reset from TWRP will clear all your data but restore /e/.

Let me explain something more about how the problem is developed.
I was working in “settings” on the phone and touched by accident “Switch off screen”
That is the reason.