Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N9005 with S-Pen

I’ve installed the /e/ ROM latest dev build (hlte).

Under StockROM Android 5.0 Lollipop was possible:

Direct pen input
On the Applications screen, tap Settings → CONTROLS → S-Pen → Direct pen input, and then drag the Direct pen input switch to the right.
When hovering the S-Pen over a text field, T-icon appears at the upper left corner of the text field. Tap TTT to write with the S-Pen. To make simple corrections, change input languages, or enter a space between characters, tap each correction tool displayed on the handwriting pad.
When this feature is enabled, you can do the following actions:
• Send a handwritten message.
• Make a call by writing a contact name or a phone number on the keypad.
• Set an alarm just by writing numbers.
• Browse the Internet by writing web addresses.


  1. Is the S-Pen supported by /e/ OS (e-0.7-n-) at all ?
  2. If so, where can I find the possible settings for direct S-Pen pen input in /e/ OS?
  3. If so, which apps are recommended?

Happy eOSing …;o)

Yes, it’s like @jc2e wrote.

I’ll keep trying “INKredible” and “HandWrite” - but not on /e/ OS e-0.7-nougat, but on a brand new AOSP Android 10 based custom ROM from an experienced maintainer who also created ROMs for the N9005 in the past.

It comes without GApps, without microG - but supports signature spoofing and so the system can be configured with microG components (GmsCore, GsfProxy, UnifiedNlp, mapsv1).

Optionally the installation of GApps and Magisk is also possible, but not interesting for me. It offers a lot of functions - almost too much to get started with Android 10.

But it comes with only 10 pre-installed apps (browser, file manager, settings, camera, contacts, SMS/MMS, phone, clock).

First, “Private DNS” is activated with the data of a “Private DNS provider hostname”.

Everything else will show the time …

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE “hlte” (SM-N9005/P), supported up to LineageOS 14.1, has been officially developed further with LineageOS 16.0 by the LineageOS Project since Märch 2020. The first “Nightly” builds have been released. A chance for /e/ to jump on the moving 9-Pie train …



Since The LineageOS Project has put the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005/P) “hlte” back into official 2020 program, microG has also jumped back on the bandwagon and now delivers the third LineageOS for microG 16.0 build - with security patches June 2020. /e/ Build Team - go for it, please!