SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 4 -- SM-N910F trltrexx

I like a lot / e / and open source, and the proposed apps.
But not for my smartphone model.
make /e/ Team os available for this model ?

Chipset Qualcomm
Android 601

Twrp ok

trlte suported ok
suported (whit bug) :
android 8 & 9
Lineage Os 15,1 - 16
ressurection remix Os V702



I have a Verizon Galaxy Note SM-N910V trlte
Lineage 15.1/16.0 ok, would be great to get e/cloud on it

Would like to see /E/ on my Note 4 SM-N910F trltexx

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only see why ?? not enough …
I like to have it available …
in download ?

(with lineageOs 16 it works but bug …)

(sorry for my English…)

Hi, I love my smartphone and look for privacy. It would be nice /e/ os on sm 910f trltexx

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Maybe there’s no intention to develop /e/ for the Note 4 SM-N910F trltexx and that’s a real pity.
Will have to move on to something else if I can find it. :no_mouth:

Anyone having a good suggestion what ROM I should have a look at?

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I would also wish for E to come to my trltexx. Unfortunately I was not able to build it myself, but I think a nougat version could come out of lineage 14.1 unofficial that exists for trltexx …