Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 acution on eBay starting from € 9

Hi there
anyone looking for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S III with /e/ OS?
it comes with a cool lime green new flip cover

Make an offer from here, auction ends this Saturday September 20th

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

8 years old phone with 1GB RAM? Probably not worth the shipping (both financially and in a “save the planet” sense).

“aged” phones simply works and gets latest security updates thanks to the great passion and effort they are putting into this project

some facts in support of my statement:

  • major android apps have “lite” version especially made to reduce hardware load with (almost) no impact in user experience, some examples: messenger lite, twitter lite, spotify lite
  • smaller phones are sometimes handy and pocket friendly if compare to bigger brothers

Why we should spend hundreds of euros for a phone when with € 20 you can get a phone to make your deGoogled private stuff

Isn’t this enough to save the planet (resources) ? Do you see another alternative to get a phone with € 20 and reuse instead of wasting earth resources?

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major android apps have “lite” version

Each and every one from the list being something that somebody using /e/ wouldn’t touch, starting with Facebook and Facebook Messenger and ending with Google Assistant and Gmail. Any Lite version for MagicEarth or OSMAnd? And anyway even the “lite” ones still need a relatively snappy phone, not something from 2012.

Why we should spend hundreds of euros for a phone when with € 20 you can get a phone to make your deGoogled private stuff

If you can do that fine, but not with this phone.

Before my actual S8, I flashed three i9300 and all those worked flawlessly. They are now in the hands of some friends that are surprised how well they works. From my point of view, the only problem is that the phone is no longer /e/.
Magic earth worked better in i9300 than in my actual S8 (before last update). The voice and traffic alerts were far better.

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auction happily closed at €49 so phone sold to a happy user that seems to find this phone useful and valuable while I am happy to iFixit and recycle/refurbish old and unused phones to save a bit earth’s resources

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@nottolino are you sure it’s not supported?
here is the link where I see it’s still supported
and latest release timestamp is on August 28th this year

Check the section “devices to be dropped”

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The buyer has ZERO feedback. Sure, everybody needs to start somewhere but nowadays when you see them bidding on your items you need to be very wary. Maybe you got lucky but if not you might end up without the phone and with a paypal dispute (so no money, plus Ebay fees, plus maybe a dented feedback). But otherwise good luck and congrats :slight_smile:

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I already got the full payment, anyways thanks for your point of view, although we have different angles it’s always interesting and meaningful to share different opinions in such positive way :slight_smile:

thank you! I missed this post

sold @Manoj can you please close this thread?