Samsung Galaxy S22

As you say there are

a great many variants of S22 <- click to open
Retail Branding,Marketing Name,Device,Model
Samsung,Galaxy S22,SC-51C,SC-51C
Samsung,Galaxy S22,SCG13,SCG13
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0q,SM-S9010
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0q,SM-S901E
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0q,SM-S901N
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0q,SM-S901U
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0q,SM-S901U1
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0q,SM-S901W
Samsung,Galaxy S22,r0s,SM-S901B

and then some ... S22.x

Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,SC-52C,SC-52C
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,SCG14,SCG14
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0q,SM-S9080
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0q,SM-S908E
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0q,SM-S908N
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0q,SM-S908U
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0q,SM-S908U1
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0q,SM-S908W
Samsung,Galaxy S22 Ultra,b0s,SM-S908B
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0q,SM-S9060
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0q,SM-S906E
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0q,SM-S906N
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0q,SM-S906U
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0q,SM-S906U1
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0q,SM-S906W
Samsung,Galaxy S22+,g0s,SM-S906B

You might further your research by finding the device [HOWTO] codename

… as well as the exact model.

From your link … significant … Re Chipset …

Exynos 2200 (4 nm) - Europe
Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm) - ROW

ROW, rest of the world.

Finding the version doesn’t really matter in this case since e/os supports none of them and likely never will, as it’s been around for several years and the last thread about it was quietly closed by a mod without explanation.

There is only a GSI version available for the Samsung Galaxy S22: