Samsung galaxy S4 GT-I9515

Hi everyone

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, model GT-I9515 but I can’t find it on the list of supported galaxy S4 model.
Is there a way I can still install /e/? What wouldn’t work if I install it?



it would be too risky to flash something that doesn’t match perfectly with your phone.

But looks like Unknown built an Unofficial ROM for your device. You won’t have OTA update and will depend on Unknown (or another volunteer) to have any update.

The flashing of a customROM on a Galaxy S4 is unproblematic after my experience.

The use of untested unofficial ROMs carries risks, although I consider them to be low.

But there is also the possibility to try Official-lineage-16.0-nightly-jfvelte and/or lineage-16.0-microg-jfvelte. Both builds are based on Android 9-Pie and get OTA updates. The disadvantage of these two builds is - they are not /e/ OS.

Thank you both for your quick answers! I think I’ll try LineageOS then!