Samsung galaxy s4 value Edition (i9515)

I would really like to upgrade from a half defect i9305 to my fully functional i9515.
A Google account is out of the question for me an /e/ has appeared to be an almost perfect environment for the day to day use of my/a smartphone.
Please support this device.

lineage support (stable and regularly for about 1.5 years) con be found here:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

There is an old test build :

Dear piero,
I had already seen this unofficial build.
Since I wrote that I am intending to use /e/ also on an i9515 on a day to day basis I am not sure if trying a 2 year old untested build is an appropriate suggestion.
But maybe some more people do now announce their interest on /e/ for the i9515 (which i read is almost(?) identical to the i9505) and some other people bet interested in actually making it happen.
Friendly greetings, Mario

Well the XDA’s Galaxy S 4 i9505 Original Android Development is still active.

I stongly suggest to ask Jflte Developer Connection Team (JDCTeam) - that seems quite active - to build \e\ for devices they support.

Hope that inspires !

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thank for the advice, unfortunately I am too inexperienced with github to even understand what JDCTeam is doing at the link you provided.
What I need is infect an installable and hopefully maintained version of /e/ like presented/mentioned under Smartphone Selector - as a result of witch I have to wait and hope :frowning:
Thank you very much for your concerns regarding my matter,

Then, as suggested, why don’t you try to “stimulate” JDCTeam to build \e\ too ?

You can easily keep in touch with them trough XDA: Galaxy S 4 i9505 Original Android Development | XDA Forums or here’s the

Official JDC Team chat/test group in Slack

EDIT: just mailed side to ask his help.

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