Samsung Galaxy S5 neo (s5neolte)

Now on e-0.15-q-20210312105636-dev
I have the message
Android System
There’s an internal problem with your
device. Contact your manufacturer
for details.
discribed here:

this issue was not in the test build.

everything else works fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for this build.

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I have the same here.
Doesn’t seem to cause problems at all yet.

Actually, from where did you get this dev build? I would like to test it too. :slight_smile:
Just found it. :slight_smile:


The s5neolte is now officially supported . You can download the dev build here.
Would like to get your feedback on the build.

Thank you for the info, have it installed now.
No problems yet with exception to this strange message before he PIN-Entry.


Reiner Schmidt

Seems nobody is keeping it up-to-date. Have some issues that may be related to an outdated micro G which is built into this distribution. Unfortunately you can’t update it using F-Droid. Will there be an update soon or is nobody maintaining this build?

It is officially supported now !