Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport - SM-G860P - kltesprsports

I would like to suggest support for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport.

Specs below:

These variants of the S5 are often cheaper than the other S5’s, as they were a Sprint exclusive model. It can be carrier unlocked by third parties, but Sprint themselves don’t want to unlock them (they say it’s incompatible with unlocking). I had mine unlocked, and it works fine with FreedomPop which uses AT&T’s network.

It has physical buttons like the S5 Active, but has a case design more similar to the regular S5. Other than that, the phone has mostly similar specs to the regular S5. Snapdragon 801, 2GB RAM, 16 GB

There has been unofficial Lineage OS 14 support, but currently there are no other ROMs that are stable (other than Samsung’s horrible TouchWiz).

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Hi @FanboyStudios
I was just reading you in the beginning of this old XDA thread.

If an unofficial LineageOS exist, there is a chance for someone habituated to build an unofficial /e/OS

Please link the sources.

Here is the GitHub repo for LOS. I don’t know if it has everything needed, but hopefully it can get some work started on some lovely /e/ support!