Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

I’m such a noob on this. I don’t really know the answers to these questions. I just know I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and I’d LOVE to have a privacy respecting OS installed.
Can anyone else who’d like to see the S6 Active supported chime in???

  • Tags should be added to help us classify:
    Device brand (ie: Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi…)
  • All supported Android versions:
    Nougat, Oreo, Pie
    Please add details like
  • on what other ROM is it currently running :
    LineageOS, Havoc, Paranoid Android…
  • is it maintained?
    maintained, not maintained
  • is the current ROM official or unofficial:
    official / unofficial
  • urls on XDA or other forums where the device custom ROM’s are available
  • Add details of any known issues if you are aware of
    In short add as much detail as possible about the device to help us build the ROM and support you better !!!