Samsung Galaxy S6-S6edge GOOD Working Android 10 unoffical MARCH2021 Patched

3 months ago we received our first e Android 10 unofficial build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Flat and totay on april the 4th , I can say that the March build is out there and works very nice.
This unofficial development by it’s Clarence is very well appreciated , and I advise to give it a try.
after I tested it for some day’s now.

How to find all Clarence’s unofficial builds?

This is not a advertisement…
It’s an alternative cause development on S6 died in every corner. ,
so Big up to Clarence for keeping this device alive.

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Thank you itsClarence!

I installed it on a used Samsung S6 Edge SM-G925W8 I just got. The texting works.

Phone works to receive and send calls - it rings, picks up. But the phone audio is garbled and lots of silence. Maybe it’s not meant for zeroltecan?

Or maybe this phone’s microphone is not working to start with? I recorded something with the recorder app and the audio was picked up clearly and no gaps of unintentional silence.

Could someone else with a Canadian S6 Edge confirm that?

— Edit: Oh wait! I installed the wrong zeroltexx. Am downloading zeroltecan and will test again —

— Edit: Whoops! Doesn’t look like there’s a zeroltecan yet —

Now there is…oeps wrong file…
Zeroltecan is also coming up.

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Thanks isclarence!

Phone calls on S6 Edge SM-G925W8 zeroltecan 20210325 Q seem to be working! Wonderful!

Will use the phone a bit and test it out. What features in particular do you think need testing out?

— Edit: The phone isn’t recognized by Windows 10 File explorer until I issue the command > adb reboot recovery (I tried revoking USB debugging authorisations, adb kill-server, adb start-server. adb devices shows the serial number of the phone. But the phone doesn’t show up in Windows File Explorer). Once in TWRP recovery, then the phone appears in Windows File Explorer.

Of course it does , just pull down menu and select file transfer …

If you’re referring to Developer options, the Default USB configuration was indeed set to File transfer.

Still doesn’t show up in Windows File Explorer.

Windows 10 does make a sound when the S6 Edge is plugged in, Device Manager shows Galaxy S6 edge working properly.

Just nothing about the phone shows up in Windows File Explorer. All other phones I plug into the computer show up.

Then you should check your twrp and maybe do a advanced wipe before installing the Rom or cable or something , cause the MTP works great on my Windows 7 PC - I just checked again .

I do wipe with Format Data, then Advanced Wipe - System Cache before installing a ROM.

Using the same cable and my Windows 10 PC, a Samsung S4, a Samsung S5 sm-g900k, a Samsung S5 Active, a Samsung S6 were recognized.

With that same cable, Samsung S6 Edge zeroltecan and a Samsung S7 were not recognized. Both of these phones are running some 3.3.1 version of TWRP.

The Samsung S6 that was recognized was also running a version of TWRP 3.3.1

All except the Samsung S5 Active are running some version of /e/.

. . .

But I could reinstall from scratch with the Samsung S6 Edge zeroltecan and the Samsung S7 to see if that makes a difference.

Edit: The problem with the Samsung S7 is that the MTP setting doesn’t stay set. It reverts back to charging once disconnected from the computer. So I have to manually switch to MTP each time I want to connect the S7 to the computer.

It’s like you are in front of a drivers problem


If you’re saying to try this Samsung USB driver, I already had it installed. But I reinstalled it anyways. Reboot Windows.

–> still no change. The Samsung S6 Edge zeroltecan is not recognized in Windows File Explorer

I’ve tried it on a couple different Windows 10 and 8.1 machines with the same cable. Same result.

. . .

Windows Device Manager, instead of seeing it as Portable Device > Samsung S6 Edge, sees it as Portable Device > MTP USB Device.

In the Device Manager, it has an entry for SAMSUNG Android Phone > Samsung Android ADB Interface

So I reinstalled from scratch: I chose an older TWRP version 3.2.3 and I downloaded itsclarence Q from another mirror.
–> still not being recognized in Windows File Explorer
–> but now in Windows Device Manager, it shows up as SM-G925W8 (whereas before it was showing up as MTP USB Device)

. . .

I will add that this device doesn’t respond correctly to > adb reboot bootloader. It just goes to /e/ system and doesn’t go to the bootloader.

I have to manually use the physical VOL DOWN-HOME-POWER buttons to get it into bootloader mode.

In TWRP, the device does go into bootloader or recovery via the use of the TWRP reboot buttons.

You can be right , We have Zeroltexx and Zerofltexx these are both workinging good , Only one that can help here is Clarence !

@itsclarence If you have time to look at your Canadian SM-G920W8 build, a bug seems to be that even though Windows sees the phone in the device manager (both as a portable device and as a Samsung Android phone), it doesn’t show up in Windows File Explorer.

However, I discovered that if you boot into TWRP, then Windows File Explorer sees it!

File transfer in and out can happen in TWRP recovery mode via Windows File Explorer.

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Hi! I’d like to thank @itsclarence for his work. This ROM is my daily driver in my S6 Edge.
I thought I should mention one problem, and I think it applies to the lineageos rom it’s based on: I have the G925I version (LATAM, India, Australia, according to gsmarena) and it should be able to use 4G band 28. I believe it’s not using it as I get lower 4G signal than with the original ROM.
Thanks again and hope this ROM gets official status soon!


to change default bands

Hello dear community,
with the help of another user I managed to compile a current 1.7-q build for zerofltexx, zerofltecan, zeroltexx and zeroltecan.
If you are interested, you can download the builds below.
Unfortunately still without SELinux enforcing. But the SELinux enforcement is then the next step I will work on.

The current builds I have created so far can be downloaded here:

Samsung Galaxy S6 devices:

for zerofltexx: [Galaxy S6]
sha256sum cb31a478de5d3447fa3a28f6de151d2fffcae357a833f1afd071773587a444b1

for zerofltecan: [Galaxy S6]
sha256sum f2a862234002e195d95c02aa9d4e807fcf7db81feeac54b2bf5554aeed9d9ec4

and here for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devices:

for zeroltexx: [Galaxy S6 Edge]
sha256sum 1fcddea12a143df46ceace137c821cd4efdb07876ae49cdfb12e5c03f1f353ce

for zeroltecan: [Galaxy S6 Edge]
sha256sum 19e364347f911692164d39c1f2428564cd002fdeebadb9249935dbbc12749f03


Very nice my friend will check it out !!!