Samsung Galaxy S6 sm-G920F

I had successfully installed /e/OS on my Galaxy S6 last year using easy installer and I wondered until now why do I not get any updates of the system (it shows June 3 2019 since installation and no updates). Just today a Telegram group members helped me by finding out my mistake. The device is not even supported! I was so mistaken when buying it for the purpose of installing /e/OS.

As for now it mostly works fine but for how long, I don’t know. Hope to see it supported!

As you have TWRP already installed, you can easily upgrade /e/OS on your device.

It’sClarence BUILD for the galaxy s6


How do I do this and how hazardous is it?

You might try this for some entry level reading :slight_smile:

A few things to check out. Can you find your way to Recovery mode, do you have TWRP installed?

What Android version are you on.

Is there a choice of unofficial builds available to you?

Do you have the option and/or do you want to upgrade Android version? That option will require some reading.

Do you have the option and/or do you want to update /e/ version. Much easier, still requires reading!

Do you have a Windows or a Linux PC available for the work? There is quite a lot of overlap in methods for Windows and Linux, but a big source of confusion if you are new to this and you flip flop between methods!

Bon chance :slight_smile:

Edit. @db_p did you see this thread with some history of your device on /e/? I see that I failed to include the link. :frowning_face: