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Suggest to install heimdall on Debian based distros via apt instead oft the zipped executable.
See Samsung S8 - Cannot install TWRP for detailled error message

What is the version of Heimdall that gets installed by the apt command

Both are the same

Hello all, first time on this forum for me !

On debian buster it is the 1.4.1 version.

I just did the ROM install, following official instructions and I faced a problem when flashing TWRP recovery with heimdall (with both 1.4.1 and 1.4.2). Here are the symptoms:

Heimdall finished without errors but the progress bar on the phone (which isn’t blue like said) was frozen almost at the end with just a few to finish. I give it a few minutes to see if it would unfreeze, without success. I rebooted in recovery mode but I got an error picture with the android logo and a message something like “wrong recovery install”.

I worked around by restarting in ODIN mode, reflashing the recovery but without the --no-reboot option at the end so the phone rebooted after flashing. But, to not get the “recovery auto reset” problem, I did the combo to go into recovery mode right at the end of transfer.
Hope it will help someone else.

Then everything worked like a charm. Thank you /e/ community !