Samsung Galaxy S8: /e/os compatible with 'Clear View Stand Cover'?

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S8 through the /e/ store with /e/os installed on it.
Now I am looking out to buy a protective case for this phone, and the case that I am most interested in, is the Samsung ‘Clear View Stand Cover’.
This cover interacts with the phone in such a way, so that f.e. incoming calls can be accepted without opening the cover.

I was wondering if this interaction between the case and the phone would still work when used with the /e/os system installed on the phone.
Does somebody wants to share his experience on this, please?

Thank you,

Better try to test with a friend’s cover, or in a local shop first.

There could have evolutions in LOS code since,
but I have got a deceptive experience last year with my s4mini

Hi Piero,
Thank you for your answer.

So most likely the cover will not interact with /e/os.
I do not have a friend who has the cover, nor is it still available in local shops (outdated model).
So I guess I will not bother buying the (expensive) cover.
I can imagine that making the cover compatible with /e/os is not on he priority-list of the developers

Thank you for sharing your experience,