Samsung Galaxy S8 - Netflix


I’m unable to run netflix on a Samsung Galaxy S8, i’ve got :
“Device failure occurred. Please try again (500.-1019)”

I’ve tried on a Galaxy S7 and it is working correclty

Anyone has make netflix works on an galaxy S8 ?

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Hello, welcome in the communiy :slight_smile:

I’m in the same situation with my Galaxy J5 2015.

If it was because Netflix needed the “Google SafetyNet” certification (that /e/ and LineageOS without GApps don’t have), nobody could watch Netflix. BUT some users have a working Netflix on their phone with /e/.

So it’s probably because DRM are missing (it’s the case on my phone).
You could check the DRM status and level (L1 or L3) with the “DRM Info” app available in the /e/ Apps Installer. There are trackers in this app so you can go into airplane mode, open the apps, take screenshots and delete it if you want.

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Thanks for the reply, here’s the DRM Info screenshot

That’s it. You don’t have DRM rights. Normally you should have a third box named “Widevine CDM”, with a “Security Level” of “L1” (the best one that allows to watch HD contents) or “L3” (doesn’t allow to watch HD contents most of the case).

Look at the third screenshot of DRM Info in the /e/ Apps Installer to see what you should have.

Personnally, for my device, this issue is on LineageOS Oreo and Pie but isn’t on Lineage OS Q so I’m waiting for /e/ to support Android 10 to have a working DRM.

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Ok, i’ll wait too



same problem with DRM and Netflix, myCanal
I used galaxy S8 and last /e/ version.