Samsung Galaxy S9+ battery issues pleas help


I am using a Samsung S9+. I sometimes had some battery issues. Battery draining to fast et, but it stabilized. The problem now is that my phone will shutdown(go black) if I take it out of the socked. It will indicatie full charge. When I put the charger back in it will state about 60%. My phone is practically useless now. Yesterday the phone was fine I could do a whole day with 1 charge (heavy user). Now it will not power on without being in the socket.

Battery is nog old changed a few months a go and latest updates are installed. Can somebody please help me fix this. I think the problem is somewhere in the software since the battery was functioning fine before.

Thanks a lot!

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Sorry that you have issues. Can you provide some more info on your phone: what version of OS are you using? Did you install something recently or did any modification on the phone?
Was the battery original? You should have some warranty on it if changed at a shop/repair facility.
Personally I don’t think it’s software related. There is no way that a phone displays 100% and then 60% a few moments later. My take is that there is something very wrong with the battery (very low capacity… cheap Chinese battery ?!).
On my S9+ with light usage (heavy used by previous owner) I get usually more than 4 days.

You can get clues from the Battery manager and others at Settings > Battery, plus a Battery usage graph from the 3 dot menu top right.