Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual camera not shown

Having bought a refurbished Galaxy S9+ from the /e/ shop, I’m very pleased with it.
One thing concerning the camera strikes me:
The S9+ has a dual back camera, and “Open Camera” should be able to select between one of the two lenses; however, the referring option in the Open Camera (ver 1.48.1) settings is not shown,
and when I check the “about” list of the app, it shows this:

No. of cameras: 2
Multi-camera?: false

Shouldn’t Multi-camera be true?
So maybe the star2lte has been compiled without the dual camera support?
Maybe an update will solve this issue some day?

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Seems to be a good question.

In case it’s an issue, you can report it in our gitlab.

I think this issue is already on gitlab, should be this one:

(However, already 1 year ago…)

Would be really great, especially for the refurbished smartphones sold by /e/
to enable the entire camera hardware to be supported.

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Something new in here?

Hello, I tested the latest available Version of /e/os this weekend, and it was amazing. There are only 2 problems.

Microsoft 365 with 2 Factor with Cisco Duo not working (here I opened a Thread)

and of course the missing dual camera. I google some hours, but there is no solution. Is there anybody that has an Solution for us Galaxy S9+ Users to use the second camera?

Thanks for your answer

No ideas? I want to use both cameras