Samsung Galaxy S9 + /e/ + LED Flip Cover

Dear /e/-devs and /e/-community,

I’ve flashed /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (DuoS) and obtained the LED-cover for it (Samsung brand) . However, I am not able to activate it. According to a small research (via duckduckgo) an applications is required.

Unfortunately I did not find the application on the /e/-store (aKa Apps).

Any help to get the LED-Cover working in /e/ would be appreciated.

Thanks and best regards

You can try getting the app on FDroid or Aurora Store repositories.

Good morning Manoj,

many thanks for your quick response. :slight_smile:

I’ve searched F-Droid and Aurora store, however, the required apps are missing (This is pretty wird but it sounds like Samsung exclusive apps). I’ve only found the required apps on an unknown site:

As I’m a lil’ bit scared of catching any Malware, I’ll have to stick with the normal cover (without the led notification feature). :frowning:

Best regards & have a great day!

StockROM: Einstellungen > Erweiterte Funktionen > Zubehör > LED-Cover

@Entgegengegangen - sounds like german as native language.

There is also the question of whether a special Samsung App LED cover works at all with a custom rom. I read in the WWW that especially the current versions don’t work with LineageOS (16.0).

Hey there archje :slight_smile:

thanks for your response, and yes, I’m a native German :de: (I have to disable the auto correct “feature” :smiley:)

As I moved to /e/ on all devices, I won’t move back to the stock rom (e.g. too many annoying notifications, background data and 24/7 Google)

I’ll use the LED cover as normal cover, as the S9+ fits in perfectly. Maybe the developers are able to reverse engineer it one day :slight_smile: (I’ve just found a topic on reddit )

Have a great day and best regards

Why don’t you encourage the development on This is the only way to get this feature for /e/ OS ROM.

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Hi archje,

thanks again for your response! I’d like to open a feature request on gitlab, however I am receiving a 502 Bad gateway (nginx) message.

I hope that the gitlab server will be back soon, so that I’m able to open a New ticket / feature request.

Best regards

Hi @Entgegengegangen you can raise an issue here

Just tested. No nginx error. That was probably just temporary.

Hey Manoj & archje,

thanks for your response!

I can confirm that gitlab is working again and that I’ve opened a feature request. :slight_smile:

Have a great day and best regards