Samsung Galaxy S9+ low battery issue

I’m having a problem with my Samsung S9+ when the battery charge is low. At about 20% charge the battery starts draining pretty fast and from 15% I can actually see the percentage ticking down. At that point it even refuses to charge: when I plug it in it keeps discharging. I have to switch the phone off and on (or just wait for the battery to drain completely, which only takes about a minute or so), before it starts charging.

The problem seems to have started after upgrading from R to S (dev). I could try to downgrade to R again, but I’d like to leave that as a last resort.

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If you are on dev you could as well get to T.
You have to consider that maybe your battery has some problems. Do you experience a higher consumption (lower duration) for the battery than before?
My S9+ (on T) has no such issues but I rarely let it under 20%.
Good luck!

I tried upgrading to T before but got stuck in a boot loop, so I don’t think that’s going to work at the moment.

Except for this issue, battery use is the same. I’ll try to make sure to recharge before the battery gets to 20%. That seems like the best option.

Sorry for your problems with T. I have installed directly T on my S9+ and had no issues at all.
I would advise you to charge your phone wirelessly; while having lower efficiency it can prolong the life of your battery (slower charge) and protect your USB port on the phone.

Thanks for the tip. I charge wirelessly most of the time, we’re on the same page there :slight_smile:

I’m glad we are.
Just another mention about wireless charging… I charge my phone mostly at work where I leave the room so I don’t disturb my colleagues while speaking on the phone. Had I not been using wireless charging it would have been a nightmare for the USB connector on the phone. Having the ability to very easy start and stop charge is another nice bonus. Also having many smaller slow charging sessions is better for the battery.