Samsung Galaxy S9+ refurbished, screen turns black

I received my Samsung Galaxy about a month ago from e-foundation with a preinstalled e-OS. I installed an official update about a week ago. Now, today, the screen turned black and I can’t restart the phone, can’t turn on the screen. Stays black. Only the LED signal for charging shines when I charge the phone. Any suggestions? what can I do? I connected the phone to my computer, but the device can not be mounted. USB-configuration is charging not data transfer, I guess.

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Hi Reinhard, as an /e/ purchased phone you should report to for advice.

If a Soft Reset, [Power + Volume down] has no result, this tells you that the phone is on with zero screen. In that case it will be fine to leave the phone alone till you get a reply from Support, the battery will drain.

Pl write to with the purchase details. If it is a hardware issue we will arrange for a refund or exchange as per your request.

Thanks for you answers. The next morning I tried again a reboot, this time it worked. Maybe the phone was in need for a decent sleep. We’ll see