Samsung Galaxy S9 : Successfull Install /e/ version Q

I will try to share my experience on the install of /e/ Q on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (starlte - SM-G960FD)

Coming from Android 9 :

  • Phone is a Galaxy S9 in Android 9 stock rom (for some strange reason, I was never able to upgrade in Android 10 via OTA), so I used it as with the security patches of 2019.
  • I have some experience in using adb etc (as I used to install a Lineage on an old Moto E 2015 LTE), but i cannot be considered an expert.
  • I decided to move the Galaxy S9 to /e/. (probably for the same reasons as you - more privacy - more battery)

On the road:

  • I tryed to follow the install instructions on the site (which are not crystal clear as they mix O/Q version) and it was not successfull
  • I used the Easy installer soft (0.12.3 beta) and it worked very well. The step by step is very well described. To my point of view, if you read the instructions carefully, you will succeed to install /e/ on a Galaxy S9.
  • But I was a little bit desappointed to have installed an Oreo based version of /e/ (the stable version as per today - 11 june 2021-) . The /e/ Oreo works perfectly , but I wanted to install Q (still in dev) !!!

On the road again:

  • I tried to install Q on top of Oreo (via the TWRP provided during the /e/ Oreo install ) but an error rised (saying that phone should be in 10 version to accept to flash /e/ Q) .
  • I spent some time browsing and it seems that other people experienced the same (so its confirmed - not possible to install /e/ Q on top /e/ oreo via TWRP (at least today)

Back to Android

  • I then decided to flash latest Android for my phone
  • Get the latest ROM : use of Frija-v1.4.3 and download the 5GO of SM-G960F_2_20210511125707 (mine is XEF version for France)
  • unzip the files (AP_G960FXXUFFUE1xxx.tar.md5, BL_G960FXXUFFUE1xxx.tar.md5, CP_G960FXXUFFUE1xxx.tar.md5, CSC_OMC_OXM_G960FXXUFFUE1xxx.tar.md5 and HOME_CSC_OMC_OXM_G960FXXUFFUE1xxx.tar.md5)
  • Install the files with Odin3_v3.14.4 (for me AP, BL, CP, and CSC)
  • boot to Android 10 : every thing went fine (just take care to finalize the process - download the latest files and patch via wifi, because in my case the OEM unlock only appeared then and was not available if installation was fully finished)
  • go in development mode: OEM unlock, USB MTP file sharing, USB debug (you may have to plug - unplug the usb cable to auhorize communication and get the Accept USB message)

Install TWRP

  • install TWRP with Odin : select the file (in the AP field) and start (twrp-3.5.2_9-0-starlte.img.tar downloaded from TWRP site)
  • reboot in recovery mode (if you cannot boot in recovery then you will baev to do again the TWRP install process)
  • if at any stage you reboot on system mode, the system will erase TWRP during its own boot. So take care to finalize the installation of /e/ without rebooting in system (staying in recovery mode)

Install /e/ Q from sideload: the easy :wink: part

  • just follow the current manual
  • tap Wipe
  • now tap Format Data and yes
  • Return to the previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe.
  • Select the Cache and System partitions to be wiped and then Swipe to Wipe
  • Sideload the /e/ .zip package.
  • in the device in TWRP, select Advanced, ADB Sideload, then swipe to begin sideload.
    -On the host machine, in the console , start the sideload of the package by typing “adb sideload”
    -Once installation has finished, return to the main menu, tap Reboot, and then System

The end!!
-Have a nice /e/ Q on your Galaxy S9 (or S9+)

Short summary of a successful installation of /e/ Q on Galaxy S9 (should be same for S9+)

  • get the latest Android 10 installed
    • via OTA
    • via the Frija tool

Note : if currently on /e/ Oreo you will have to install Android 10 before !!
at least until /e/ and Easy installer allow the seamless migration from O to Q

  • install Android 10 via Odin
  • install TWRP via Odin
  • Flash the /e/ Q rom
  • Enjoy!!

Final impression
For the many that may be scared to do this somehow scary process, my personnel impression is that there is very little risk to break something.
Indeed the Galaxy S9 has a download mode that allow in any case to reinstall a stock rom on top of your work (during this test, i personnally reflash 10 times the android 10 stock version without issues before getting the final result : a Galaxy S9 with /e/ Q and TWRP )

An update of the doc may be necessary to make it clear that Android 10 is necessary to flash.
As the process with command line may seem difficult to some of us (it’s not), an updated version of Easy Installer is welcome.

Have a nice day

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Cool to see there is a way to do this. I’m probably still going to wait until there’s an OTA update for /e/ version O or it works with the easy installer, however.

Than you for your post. I have an S9 with Oreo |e| installed and I am thinking about getting Q. Have you found any issues with running Q? Everything works? No smoke coming out of the phone?

I was using Android 11 from CRDroid Rom, and before that Android 11 from LineageOS. Between versions I install the latest stock rom downloaded with samfirm. Then you have the newest modem/bootloader and vendor.
I recently installed /e/ 0.20 Android Q. All was working excellent! I was surprised. Even Dutch bank apps, Netflix, CoronoCheck app, where working well!
I was not very happy with the Bliss Launcher. I replaced it with Smart Launcher 6. Very nice one!
Good luck all!
Samsung S9 (SM-G960F)

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Is there no other way to upgrade to Version Q [v0.21-q]?
Another question: In the release notes I see this comment: On S9/S9+: NFC extended range is now available
Does it mean that finally the S9 will support the german AusweisApp2 for reading the identity card?
Thank for input

SM-G960F/ 256 GB

Hello all,
I have installed successfully /e/ OS tonight on a S9 SM-G960F.
though unfortunately easyinstaller did not work, it failed at recovery installation without error :confused: and I had to install it manually from Odin and recovery.

Do you where I can notify a problem on easyinstaller ?

You can start by sharing the issue details here as some developer who helped create the EasyInstaller are active there.
If that does not help you can create an issue on gitlab.

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