Samsung Galaxy S9, UK variant?

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Here in the UK, EU variants of the S9 (SM-G960F) seem rather difficult to obtain. I was wondering, do you think it is likely that /e/ os works on the UK variant of the S9 (model numbers SM-G960FZxxxxx)? I realise they are not officially supported but, according to this website, the UK variants use the same chipset (Exynos 9810) so I was thinking maybe it could work?

the UK variant does not exist ! Lol
no mention of a G960FZ device in my web search,
" Z " is related to your region, the second letter related to the color, the third related to storage capacity, the last 3 are original CSC code

you share the biginning of a detailled model name,
you Know model number :G960F and product codename : starlte

this link is about firmware naming (off topic)

Hi @mpen welcome

Here is an idea to throw more light [HOWTO] Find device codename, Edit, but you don’t yet own it! Sorry.

The Samsungs hold their price too well in the UK, there are other better value devices imho :slight_smile: Beware of customising a device originally sold in another region.

Bon chance

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Here is an example of a supposedly “UK Version” of the Galaxy S9. On that page the model number is listed as “SM-G960FZAAXEU”. There are many such Galaxy S9s on Amazon UK.

So, to confirm, does a model number like SM-G960FZAAXEU just mean: SM-960F with extra letters (ZAAXEU)? It’s still a starlte?

This is the page for the UK SM-G960F

ZBAVOD seen in the url. As you suggest the remaining 6 characters are as a “sub category” perhaps?
Samsung will Live Chat with you - might be reassuring. caveat emptor. :slight_smile:

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Update: I’ve bought a refurbished S9 that was listed as “UK Version” and had a 960FZ model number, and successfully installed /e/ on it using the easy installer. Seems to be working just fine! Thanks for the help @piero and @aibd!