Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 - SM-T510

This is one of the most sold tablet of last year, still going this year. I think it would be great to have /e/ on this device as it is so popular (and I own one :wink:).

  • Android 9
  • Looks like there is an unofficial Lineage build running see this xda topic. (I didn’t test myself)
  • It is “maintained” by the initial poster as the last build is from 4 april 2020
  • From the xda topic, support for file-based encryption is not working

Tablets are the phone’s bigger brother/sister. I think it would be a great thing if more tablets were supported. Who would not like to see /e/ on his tablet and his phone, talking to each other trough the e cloud services?

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Hi @VolvoX,
Welcome to /e/land,

Great information !
elements to involve an enthusiast @buider user, even through there is not yet official lineageOS support for this device

For the moment, we have those tablets devices :

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  • I also have the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 (SM-T510) device.
  • I would be glad to have it on the official devices list with Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510

Would be great to add to supported devices



I would also like /e/ to support Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T510) officially.



I own this tablet; very good model but three big flaws:

  • Google
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft

I would be relieved to be able to use /e/ and nextcloud!

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[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets

Nice work! But… This tablet is still not supported or have I missed some thing?

I’d also like to see support for SM-T515 which should be the sister model with LTE if I got that right.

Tablets are, IMO, an even better target for builds since even if they are not usable or safe in cell networks or public, they still make great (degoogled, SIMless, isolated or networkless) relatively big screened portable readers for books, documents, sheet music, schematics, diagrams, drawings, 3d models and whatnot.

At least there exists a LineageOS GSI for Android 13:

Also for A12,A11 you will find GSI versions

This LOS 20.0 GSI works, but @Magendanz has integrated the GApps.

My both SM-T510 + SM-T515 run with a data protection oriented pure AOSP GSI (Android 14) with Minimal MicroG.

If anyone is interested and want to try, I found a manifest.xml for tor the SM-T510 (gta3xlwifi):