Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) SM-T515

Hello, I have almost two year old tablet : Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) SM-T515
and I wonder if there are any plans for preparing /e/ os for this device :innocent: ?

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To facilitate \e\ devs/builders, 1st search both on LOS & CrD if the device is already supported:

If not, search XDA for a LOS-based distro too:

Then post your findings here.

Hope that helps.

Today I have read this post where was asked a question regarding the tablet processor :thinking: I decided to check what processor has tablet Samsung Tab a 10 t515 and I’ve found that it is a Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 2 processor. Question is if this disqualifies somehow this device from getting /e/ os on board? At least it has no Intel processor :sweat_smile:

Dunno if you are still interested in this device, but we suggest to try involve people by opening “issues” (= request) like this in their repos:

It would be also useful to edit this build request in a more “standard” format: