Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Would be great to install /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A.


Which version of the Tab A? I have an unofficial R build currently on my Tab A 2016 :slight_smile:

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It’s a TAB A 2019 (SM-T290). Android 10 on it.

Oh my one is the T580, im not sure if there are any unofficial builds out there. I had @itsclarence build the version i have, maybe he could build a version for you.

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Start @ XDA and search for a Lineage os derived custom for your device:

I’ll check it out thanks. But I’d rather stick with /e/ personally…

\e\ is based on LineageOS so, if it’s available, building is easily achiveable.

Yes, it’s normal :slight_smile: Lots of users on this forum have experience building /e/ ROMs, and are happy to share their experiences, their build problems and solutions, and to offer help and advice to others. That’s one reason why /e/OS is now supported (officially or unofficially) on so many devices

There are Lineage 17.1 and 18.1 ROMs for these devices on XDA Forums.

If I wanted to build for this device, I would use the Lineage 18.1 ROM. The developer’s manifest is available in their github repo so building for /e/ should be relatively straightforward.

There are plenty of posts on how to build /e/ in this forum. I have also written a wiki post based on my experiences building /e/ ROMs. I mostly build for Sony devices, but there are several people here who build for Samsung devices, and will know about - and be happy to share - the peculiarities of working with them.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Hi, @minunim,

The SM-T580 is already supported

[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets