Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2021) SM-T220

Any support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2021) would be great. I see an older supported A7 but it doesn’t look like it includes the newer model.? We just picked up a few of these at Best Buy on Black Friday since they were cheap. They are great for kids & adults alike but even setting up the stock android wants you to give up almost everything but your ss# to google. Thankfully we managed 2 install apps we wanted be4 google blocked the google account bcuz we entered a fake name/phone# lol. I cannot wait to join the /e/ family & kick evil 2 the curb!

Device Info from manufacturer:
Brand: Samsung
Type: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" SM-T220
Storage: 32GB
Resolution: 1340 x 800
Processor: Mediatek MT8768T Helio P22T (12 nm)
Processor Speed: Octa Core (4x2.3GHz + 4x1.8GHz)
GPU: PowerVR GE8320
Operating System: Android 11, One UI 3.1
Ram: 3gb
Bluetooth: Bluetooth v5.0
Display: TFT 800 x 1340 pixels, 5:3 ratio

(there are also 64GB storage / 4gb ram versions of this tablet as well)

More spec. info:

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Do you know the origin of the “black friday” ?

During summer and autumn, the “alysée” wind drive the boats from Africa to Americas.
When the winter comes, there were to much negars in stock, and sellers have to brake the prices…

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The older A7 you have seen are some phone models

[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets

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cool thx. yea I figured those were not what I was after. Hopefully this model will get some support down the line. I figure since it is a Samsung Galaxy product it will eventually. (Hopefully sooner than later XD)

I would like to bump this request for this device. I have one and it is a surprising device when used within its realistic capabilities. I have the cellular unlocked version and cellular calls, sms/mms and lte data work great. The ui and overall system response could use a little boost with a different cpu governor since the default is conservative governor and without root there is no way to switch to the performance governor. Ondemand governor and others don’t exist in the stock kernel. After debloating and removing as much google as possible it still could be better.

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I’d like to voice my desire for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite support. The stock OS is slow as shit and customisation leaves a lot to be desired.

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That’s a +1 from me!

Another request from me for Galaxy Tab A7 Lite support please.