Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T725

Hello there,
I’ve been trying to get the “OEM Unlock” Option to show up in the developers options, but have been unable to do so. Does anyone have an idea how to get it to work? I’ve tried every “fix” I could find, including manually setting the time to an earlier date, but none have succeeded.
The tablet is running Android 11.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi @keepITFree welcome to the forum. This page tells us (at the foot of the page) Info about Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (Wi-Fi) - gts4lvwifi SM-T720 - Other models are not supported. Sorry. :blush:

@aibd The SM-T725 is the LTE version of the tablet, which, according to this is a supported device.

I beg your pardon … so are there any clues on the Download mode screen, is it brand new? has it a history? Imported?

@aibd No problem.
The download mode screen does not show any pertinent information (only the following: Downloading… Do not turn off target | Volume Down Key + Power Key for more than 7 secs: Cancel (restart phone))
I bought it used, as far as I can tell as well as according to the system information it is in stock condition.
I’m from Germany and I think the tablet was sold here as well (at least it reverts to german on a factory reset).

I had similar issues on the WiFi model enabling OEM unlock. I had to follow the steps in method 1 at this link here exactly it was the only thing for me which worked reliably…

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@trashHeap That was one of the methods I already tried, I didn’t lead to success either…

Did you read the two threads about TWRP installation on this device last month ? October 2021.

I did; the only option left is trying to get the OEM unlock to show up as described in this guide
I flashed the latest stock firmware earlier today and am now going to see if the option shows up after 7 days, instead of trying the workaround with changing the date manually.

I have read that article and I see no reference to it working on Android 10.

I wrote a few notes on it here Install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e - #23 by aibd

Edit, that article is to bypass RMM or KG Prenormal, do you have that issue? It would show on Download mode screen.

The tablet uses Android 11, but yeah; I also didn’t see a reference to it still working.
The script that is mentioned, am I just supposed to run that on the tablet? Or are you only referring to the two lines you mentioned in your other post?

I think the tablet showed the Prenormal state in the Download mode screen, as well as that the oem unlock was locked.

Perhaps you already read the thread I already mentioned from the top, but I jumped in on seeing the Download mode screen photo Install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e - #11 by aibd

Perhaps you could read what I already said, but I may repeat myself.

Last time I was rather tentative. I will write more directly, but this may contain an element of conjecture as I am not in your chair.

RMM or KG Prenormal may be regarded as a “locked by preconditions” state.

Knox Guard is owned by Samsung and may be triggered or untriggered by events on the device or (I guess) Samsung servers.

I take Prenormal slightly literally and assert it could exist unseen on the device at manufacture, and be triggered before release, before shipping, or some other time.

The conditionality can be controlled by Samsung, or other trusted parties (probably Samsung major player clients).

Knows Guard is provided within the hidden parts of the non open parts of Android. These manufacture exploits are widened by design in every version of Android since at least to my knowledge Oreo.

A random example of Knox Guard, advertised by Samsung, is that a corporation could buy a copy of the service and have all their corporate phones secured by Knox Guard. This security level could be tailored to order.

Another example is seen in some of our posts from USA where Samsung chooses not to sell due to trade agreements with USA. Here is an example from the forum where a device was demonstrated to have an original sales destination of UAE

Another example is phones shipped into the EU carry a seal with the preconditions written in this image. The phone will stay Prenormal, but work fine for “normal” users. Prenormal will be lifted when the preconditions are met. Then many owners will never be aware it ever existed. Some keen individuals may see it within the precondition period, but may have been able to defeat it in previous Android versions by appearing to the system to fast forward the date and lift the prevailing precondition.

What I think remains to be seen is why Android 10 or 11 is displaying it, in recent cases.

If there are preconditions in these cases today, in the EU I believe the seller would be obliged to disclose them. Then it would me a matter for Samsung support to resolve any issues.

In any case in the first instance if your phone is showing KG Prenormal and Android 11 I believe it is still a matter for Samsung support or potential Return to Sender.

You may well still know something I do not know!

am I just supposed to run that on the tablet?

Which bit? Interrogate the tablet by all means, that might be quite informative (ask again for better details if you like) I would not advise “the fix” on Android 11 until, as I say in the post, you believe it is called for.

Edit: Known: on Samsung some devices the ‘OEM unlocking’ option only becomes available after 7 days of activating the device and adding a Samsung or Google account to the device. Speculation: we might find this has become a precondition? It is concievable that the period was extended (30 days would be further speculation) and/or the device must be in normal use with the account active for all that time.

Good luck.