Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (SM-T733)

Hello all, I’m in need of some advice. I have, as said in the title, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE and I’d love to ditch the stock Android that comes with it, as you can imagine.

I selected this device specifically for the size of the screen because I want to read graphic novels/comic books on it.

I’ve tried rooting Samsung devices before to no avail, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to enable OEM unlock with no issue whatsoever.

That in mind, I need to know if it would be particularly inadvisable to proceed from here, given the lack of official support of this device, or if I could safely proceed with a guide for a similar device.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

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Don’t think about using a /e/GSI on it,
actual /e/GSI is based on android 10.
And downgrading the Samsung firmware to an android 10 based is not possible on this device.

Using a specific image ?
I can’t find a lineageOS version for this device.


Thank you, very helpful!

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