Samsung galaxy tab2 7.0 gt3113

Would love to see eelo made for my old tablet samgung galaxy tab2 7.0 gt3113. It is old hardware but in good health just need a os that will work on its hardware configuration. Please help us by making a version for this tablet. Love the idea of not having google built into it. Keep up the good work.

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Hi @1not2here65,

You mean gt-p3113, is part of the espressowifi codename, as p3110 (wifi-only) p5110 (10.0” screen) and 5113 (WiFi+infaRED)

There are sources for nougat aosp.7 cm.14 Los.14,
CM, unlegacy and LineageOS builds are well running for years.
and there is a one years old /e/ unofficicial test build, witch boot and run, but goes into freeze and system app crash errors after some hours / days of use.