Samsung J5 2016 SM-J510FN j5xnlte

another one for the count.
I’m a bit confused and frustrated with the documentation / forum information but willing and able to test and start creating roms. Will continue reading/investigating more.

All supported Android versions: 9 and 10.

on what other ROM is it currently running : e-0.14-q-20210129-UNOFFICIAL-j5xnlte

is it maintained? Not sure, need to check with the developer
is the current ROM official or unofficial: unofficial

urls on XDA or other forums where the device custom ROM’s are available:
Add details of any known issues if you are aware of:

Came without web browser and the default dialer was crashing after starting a call (this was fixed after replacing with another. ex: simple dialer)

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I will release a new build as soon as i have the chance and i will add back the apps i removed.

+1 for that model, as I stated in that other thread, it’s kind of a pity that J5 500FN is officially supported (on which I installed /e/ already) but this dual-sim brother of it is not :confused:

Can you please do something about it? Thanks!