Samsung Note 10.1 LTE 2014 edition SM-P605 (lt03lte)

I would like to request official support for my device which is the Samsung tablet in the title. I think it’s worth support since it has a SD card slot and 4G/LTE so it’s not terribly deprecated.

Also with a proper app it’s pretty good when drawing with the pen. Unfortunately the best support for that is with the native Lollipop ROM featuring some special menu when clicking the pen button.

hi, welcome @maehsi

you can find a Nougat test build here :

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thank you. For now I think I’d prefer official support. I’ve been using an unofficial LineageOS build for a few years now but lately it’s not been too stable. Basically I had to format data partition every 6 months so I’m not too thrilled about using any of these too soon.