Samsung Note 10+ 4G on e.OS 2.1-dev. 2 problems 1440p and reboot

Hi comrades!

My Note10+ 4G SM-N975F has stopped working.

After upgrading from 2.0-dev to 2.1-dev with rooted Magisk and AFWall+ firewall, the phone worked fine until then.

1st problem:

A week ago or a little earlier, in the newpipe app when playing videos in 1440p resolution, the image disappeared. When forcibly switching to 1080,720 or 2160 and other formats, the video is again displayed as it should.

I also have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB still on 2.0-dev and all formats are displayed without any problems.

Maybe it has something to do with increasing the size of letters and display format of the screen. I increased them above the standard as I became worse to see with age.

2d problem:

Turned the phone off yesterday night.
Turned it on this morning and it went into perpetual reboot.
First the Samsung splash screen comes out and then the letter e with a jumping dot.

Connecting it to a computer I can enter into recovery. Repeated attempts to reboot the phone do not help.
Before disconnecting last night, the phone always started up properly, no problems.
I haven’t installed any new/other apps or changed any settings in weeks.
So the reason for the perpetual reboot is not clear.

How to restore the phone without reinstalling e.OS?

Formatting the cache from Recovery 2.1 did not help.

Thanks in advance for any help.