Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - N986U (Snapdragon) - /e/ ROM

/e/ ROM in the works?

I’m willing to Beta for an official build.

Please reach out if this is a possibility.


*my other device is a Note 9 - N960U (Snapdragon) :frowning:

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I don’t know how the /e/ installer works, and if it needs an unlocked bootloader first. But chances are, you’ll only find an unofficial build. To install an unofficial build you’d do the traditional process of bootloader unlock, flash TWRP, flash ROM.

Recent Samsung Snapdragon models are very difficult to bootloader unlock. You have to pay someone on XDA to obtain a bootloader unlock code for your specific phone, and then run it yourself or let them do it remotely. Afaneh92 provides this service. If there was a free method, they would share it.