Samsung Pay: Is it useable on /e/ OS?

Greetings. Right now, I have a Galaxy A5 (2017). I bought it because it is the cheapest Samsung smartphone with USB-C and IP68 rating to support Samsung Pay. Looking at the list of supported devices, all the S6, S7, and S9 also supports Samsung Pay.

I am definitely interested in installing /e/ OS in the A5 (2017). However, I am worried that Samsung Pay wouldn’t work on this device, and I do rely a lot on it. So I want to know if Samsung Pay is useable or fully functioning when /e/ OS is installed? I am not ready to do the flashing at the moment as I’m rather scared with that functionality.

The Samsung Pay app is available to install from the /e/ appStore, however I don’t have a Samsung device to test it for you… Hopefully someone with a galaxy can confirm.