Samsung S4 LTE causes phone to shut down issue

Hi I’ve installed /e/ on a Samsung S4 GT-I9505 and everything is running smoothly except if I turn mobile data (LTE) on then the phone shuts down. When you restart it says it has 1% battery and shuts down again even if it was high (50%+) previously.

You then have to plug it in to get it to stay on (and it usually states is has around 20% battery).

Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi @ctznsmith there is an issue which some samsung phones had of rebooting when connected on wifi. Here it seems to be showing an error when connected to LTE . The battery problem looks more like an hardware issue. Did you have any issues when using stock ROM.

Try to calibrate the battery with very simple means.

Without going into the basics of how batteries work, just this: Every battery has a smart chip. This chip sends a signal that indicates the current state of charge of the battery. When the battery is 0% fully discharged and then 100% fully charged, this smart chip “learns” the capacity.

First completely empty the battery of your device. So do not charge it at any time and wait until it shuts off. Once it has turned off, restart it so that it turns off again. Although the battery is at 0%, there are still some reserves. Now charge the phone to 100% while it is switched off. Make sure that the full 100% is reached.

Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect the phone from the power source and restart it. This cycle of fully discharging and recharging allows the smart chip to calibrate its readings with the battery charge cycle.

Have you ever tried another custom ROM based on LineageOS 16.0 for microG and found the same bug “turn mobile data (LTE) on”?

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Ok, will try to calibrate the battery.

I didn’t have this issue with the stock ROM no.

I didn’t mean stock ROM but custom ROM based on LineageOS 16.0 or 14.1 including microG.

The /e/ OS ROM e-0.7-n-2020 is based on LOS 14.1 and microG, but with partially changed code. By trying out other custom ROM’s you might be able to narrow down the issue.

Yeah archje I was replying to Manoj re: the Rom.

If the phone is plugged in you can turn LTE on with no issue. As soon as you unplug it it’s turns off.

Tried calibrating the battery.

Okay, and what’s the result? Has something changed?

No change.

Conditioning the battery as described didn’t really seem to do anything.

Just out of curiosity: have you solved it?