Samsung S5 reboots on access of GPS


I recently updated my S5 (klte) to /e/OS 0.14-2021012798470 and since then anytime I use MagicEarth the phone will hang and then reboot.
When I access Google Maps via Firefox and give the web page access to GPS it just shows loading circle but nothing else happens. At least the phone does not reboot when doing this.
Previous firmware worked fine with GPS.

Please let me know how I can assist with details to help solve this issue.

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Ok so not 100% sure about this as I’m still testing… However when plugged into the charger the GPS function seems to work and phone does not reboot. I’ll try it a few more times as well as maybe replacing the battery to make sure. Battery is still original that came with the phone. Also when I unplug the phone from charger it reboots like in the original problem.

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Hi mate, I too use an S5 kltedv variant. I do recall problems with Magic Earth with later builds. I have moved to Here We Go maps and Waze which gave me am immediate fix.
I’m expecting an official kltedv build very soon so I’ll give Magic Earth another go then. Good luck.