Samsung S5e - Book Cover Keyboard (EJ-FT720) is not working at all

i am very pleased with /e/ on my Samsung S5e tablet.
The only thing is:
The Book Cover Keyboard (EJ-FT720) is not working at all. Completely dead.
Is that known? Do we have a solution for this problem, or is that a restriction we have to live with?
Thank you and best regards

Hey there, is it still not working?
I thought about buying the cover…

Hi there,
Did either of you have success using the Book Cover Keyboard in the end? I just bought a refurbished S5e and a used EJ-FT720 and they physically won’t connect, as if the magnets are reversed. Trying to figure out if either device has hardware issues but perhaps it has to do with /e/os? If I hold them tightly together the keyboard does work however, but it is not practical of course…

I have bought the refurbished S5e (LTE)
And for me Book Cover is working.
Do you use the same cover?

Thanks for your input. It is the same case so this should mean that it is hardware related and not software (/e/os). The trouble shooting continues…