Samsung S7 - Issues with Messaging

After some advice please:

When I open the phone’s message app and select the + in the blue circle in the bottom right hand corner, I am greeted with contacts and numbers that are not mine. None of the contacts have actual names:

efwhvfa +14 9672 663***
hskivs + 02 5583 399***
Ir +34 0688 741***

etc etc - basically contents of someone elses phone contact list.

I suspect that this information was contained in the original S7 phone when the first version image was created - but I may be wrong!))

Any ideas, because I am unable to delete them. Thank you

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Hi @Firesign,
This is a bug we have in the Dialer .I was under the impression it had been fixed. Pl can you check if on the Dialer >> three dots menu >> Settings >> Phone number lookup is disabled on your phone.

Pl can you also let us know the following - which build is this phone on ?
Did you purchase this phone from us ?

  1. Phone number look up is not disabled.
  2. 0.7 2020022943260. If this issue has since been resolved, I apologise for wasting your time. I was waiting until v1.0 was released.
  3. My own phone.

Again, thank you Manoj.