Samsung S7 model SM-G930U

Respectfully requesting a build for the Samsung S7, model number SM-G930U.

I just bought a Galaxy S7 especially to install /e/ on it as I understood that it was one of the best supported phone. Now I received it and launch the installer, and it says to me that SM-G930U isn’t supported by /e/ o_O

Why is that? What are the differences between U and the other G930 which would make /e/ not working? As those phones are really similar, I guess someone is already porting /e/ to the S7 G930U, where can I follow his/her work?

Thank you.

The bootloader can’t be unlocked i believe, because of the USA carriers policy.

I have the “OEM unlock” option in the developer settings though. Doesn’t that mean I can be unlocked?

The shipset is also different.
See :

Hi I would like that model to be taken into account as well :slight_smile: It ain’t possible?

Ahhhhh OK, US Models are not available :frowning: so bad. I will go to the store and look if I can change it for an European one. Well it’s not a big deal but the user complaining has some good points… Unless you make it available for the non IT public the project will fail. Wish me luck! lol Will try to change it.
I would like to participate in the project. How can I do it?
Have a nice day and thanks @piero