Samsung S7 model SM-G930U

Respectfully requesting a build for the Samsung S7, model number SM-G930U.

I just bought a Galaxy S7 especially to install /e/ on it as I understood that it was one of the best supported phone. Now I received it and launch the installer, and it says to me that SM-G930U isn’t supported by /e/ o_O

Why is that? What are the differences between U and the other G930 which would make /e/ not working? As those phones are really similar, I guess someone is already porting /e/ to the S7 G930U, where can I follow his/her work?

Thank you.

The bootloader can’t be unlocked i believe, because of the USA carriers policy.

I have the “OEM unlock” option in the developer settings though. Doesn’t that mean I can be unlocked?

The shipset is also different.
See :