Samsung S7 touchscreen troubles


I have been using a Samsung S7 pre-installed with /e/ bought on /e/shop 2,5 years ago. The screen was running fine.
Recently, I had my screen broken and changed by a professional and it has since been really sensible in a random way, almost unusable with certain apps like maps. It might be the new screen that has defects, but the guy says it is an original Samsung screen and is surprised by the problem.
Could it be that the update to /e/ 1.0 caused compatibility problems with hardware on this model (the update occured at the same time than my screen replacement? Do you have feedback about this?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

Sorry for the late reply. I can’t confirm the issue on my S7 after none of the recent updates. And I haven’t heard of anyone else either, so it’s most probably got to do with the screen replacement, I am afraid.

Have you tried updating to 1.4?

Hi, thanks for your answer.

I shared an email with someone of the /e/ support team, who confirmed that no other phone had this issue, so the screen may cause the problem.
I returned the phone to the professional who put my motherboard into another phone. Everything went fine with this other screen, so I kept it and everything is going fine since :+1:

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Perfect, good luck with it. Now the only big remaining issues is the delay the callers hear. Have you also had trouble with that?
It hadn’t been solved in years :frowning:

No, none of my callers reported a delay… Sorry I can’t help you with that.
But by the way, I have had problems since I have my S7 with /e/ (2,5 years) : callers get an echo of their own voice when I activate the speaker, so I can’t use the speaker :confused:
I should search and post about it!

Edit: this is in fact a general S7 problem: Galaxy S7 echo during calls with speaker

Yes, this is actually the issue I meant. Sorry, nothing to do with normal calls. It only occurs when turning on speaker.