Galaxy S7 echo during calls with speaker

I bought a refurbished S7 with /e/ installed on it.
If I use the speaker of the phone when making a call, the other person hears n echo of her voice. Is there some feedback cancelling option which is not activated by default?

Bonjour a tous,
Je viens d’acheter un S7 reconditionne avec /e/ installe dessus.
Si j’utilise le haut-parleur pendant un appel, l’autre personne entend un echo de sa voix. Y a-t-il une option de suppression d’echo qui n’est pas activee par defaut?
Merci d’avance!

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i have the same issue (in france too). I have to use a hands-free kit. Maybe the microphone is too sensitive (the microphone’s level is too high ?)

Hi ! I have this issue too… The problem haven’t got this problem before installing /e/, is it possible to configure the microphone ?

The dev team is working on fixing this issue. Please can you raise an issue if already done please can you share the github bug ID.

Thank you. I submitted the issue on gitlab: issue #9 in android_device_common
(not sure it is the correct project…)

Thanks @scemama for raising the issue. I shared the link with the dev team to work on the fix for it.

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Just received my refurbished Galaxy S7 with /e/ preinstalled (version 7.1.2, august 20th).
The problem is still there.


I use a refurbished S7 edge with /e/ and I also have the same issue. That’s the most important problem for me with that phone . I can’t use the speaker as the peers always complain about the echo. I hope that will be fixed.

Hi @jfch please can you add your comments to the issue already created here. Pl add as much details as possible

Hi @Manoj , that’s done.

@Manoj any news concerning this issue ? Is the future upgrade to Oreo going to fix this ?

The s7 upgrade is under testing will request the testing team to check if this issue is still there.

Hello Manoj. I had problems in free hand, echo for my correspondents with a s7 edge on nougat. I reinstalled the stock rom G935FXXS8ETC2_G935FOXA8ETC2_XEF, the last French one. Then I put back twrp-3.4.0-0-hero2lte.img and, still this echo problem. I haven’t tested, the update didn’t work, but that’s another topic. But is this echo problem still in the pipeline? Thanks for the information, and thanks the team!

One question : when you flashed the stock were you able to check if this issue is there ?

I just flashed the stock rom G935FXXS8ETC2_G935FOXA8ETC2_XEF, works without echo in hands free on SM-G935F

Hello. Looking quickly on various forums, it looks like this echo problem is on all aosp roms. I had seen it on lineage os 16 of friend Ivan Meler.

I don’t want to switch to stock or to improved stock.
This problem has been around for a while. I have a question and am counting on your deductible, has this problem been taken into account to date and is a corrective possible? Or put aside because of other priorities.

Romain Hunault @rhunault11 months ago
We need more time to be able to fix the issue. It seems to be also occurring more recent Android version (testing with a custom LineageOS build, and RR, both under Pie).

Romain Hunault @rhunault1 week ago
@AlexandreRouxDanzi will have a look at the commit shared by @ kiwy42. But until know, we unfortunately didn’t find any solution to this question (despite the time spent on it).

For information when I bought this second-hand s7 edge, it told me that this problem was not referenced on as the bluetooth corrected
Since it was for sale by / e / foundation, I didn’t expect to have this kind of problem. I think if I had bought it from / e / I would take it a little worse, not on the dev channel.

Personally, I am wondering about selling this buggy model without a patch, even though I think I will stick with / e / and another model.

I hope I was constructive, I like this project.

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I just flashed the stock rom G935FXXS8ETC2_G935FOXA8ETC2_XEF, works without echo in hands free on SM-G935F

Same problem with my S7, bought on 2020-10-21 from /e/Store.
Speaker is unusable for calls.

I also have this echo problem on a Samsung S7 running e-0.14-o-2021012798648-dev-herolte, when loudspeaker is on. A possible explanation could be that caller’s voice goes through the recipient’s loudspeaker and comes back through the microphone which is very near. I have read that a way to avoid this is to use the microphone which is on top of the phone when loudspeaker is on and not the microphone which is near the loudspeaker (bottom mic). The mic on top is used to substract ambient noise from what is transmitted by the mic at the bottom of the phone in normal use (no loudspeaker). But in the special case of call with loudspeaker, the mic on top should be used to prevent the echo.
It works because in this case, the mic (on top) is a few centimeters apart from the loudspeaker = no echo.
But that’s the theory and unfortunately I don’t know how to implement this in eOS :frowning:

From another thread: It could be that echo problems are caused by misconfiguration of a “mixer_paths_0.xml” file that is only accessible when the device is rooted. This would explain why it doesn’t get fixed in new revisions of /e/ because rooting is not involved.

It is easy to modify this file but so far unclear which lines need to be edited to turn off the echo.