Samsung s8 Signal expired

I m quite new to the forum, i’m sorry if my topic has the wrong tags.

I’m Signal user on Galaxy s8 dreamlte. The current signal version i’m using is expired tomorrow and there is no update in the appstore.

How can I do to savely update my Signal.


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Please advise on how to install the new signal version.

The link in the signal app leads to Google PlayStore.

I have deinstalled and reinstalled signal messenger app on my phone - but it still says this version will expire tomorrow.


If it can help: Signal version expires in a few days - #3 by sonyxa2

Signal apk from their websites, regularly updated OTA, no warnings that it will expire, so far.

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The App Lounge has Signal 5.51.7 available which was released on October 4, 2022. I 'm using that version after a similar warning about Signal app expiration

Whit the dreamlte Samsung s8 we are still on android 9, and so we have the old appstore witch is unfortunately not or badly maintained with signal 5.42.8 from 13.7.22.

Upgrade to android 10​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Here the direct link to the apk from the signal webpage: Signal >> Signal Android APK

Is it critical to NOT verify the she256 fingerprint?

Hello everyone,

I have the same problem on a FP3. The phone is still on Pie, i am one of the users who are waiting for the OTA update. My signal went out today and is no longer usable. Until now the program was always updated just before expiration, very annoying the whole thing. I would now install the APK directly from the website.
Would someone be so kind and can give me a tutorial on how to verify the APK file. I have no clue. Do I do this on the phone, or on the computer in my case MacOS?

Many greetings

I would regard this as an advanced subject, supported by this old (2017) issue

Funny. We had it in our alpha install instructions, but we thought it was too technical for the average user so we didn’t put it on … {old link}.

I would suggest that following this from Signal Support would be sufficient.

The fingerprint is easily checked on a Linux PC (How to check Signal APK SHA256 fingerprint · GitHub) whether Mac make it easy, idk, I did not find a simple link in a quick search; and yes, you would do the verification if you thought it necessary on a PC rather than the device.

Thanks for the feedback!
Since several people have the problem, see also here Signal-app only availabel in google play store, As long as the verification remains so opaque for me, I installed the recommended Langis version via F-Droid.
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also a nice workaround i discovered recently is to manually upgrade the AppStore: