Samsung S9 Camera App official

I installed /e/OS on a Samsung S9 and everything works. However, I would like to replace Open Camera which is too slow for my taste by the official Samsung Camera application. I downloaded the APK file on UpToDown, but I can’t install it, I just get this error message “application not installed”. Any idea how to unblock it?

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It’s a “manufacturer” application, which means that it’s specific to the manufacturer’s bone, so unless you’ve done a lot of fiddling and tampering with the phone, you won’t be able to install it on /e/.
I advise you if you really don’t like the open camera application to use the simple mobile tools camera:

which is not necessarily better, but it all depends on your tastes

Thanks for your advice, I was thinking of using the official app to make full use of the S9’s camera module. I’ll try some other apps now. Have a nice evening.