Samsung s9+ mms problem

Hi all, I’ve discovered an issue whilst try to send and receive picture messages through the text message app on my s9+ with /e/

If I try send a picture message it fails and instantly kills my network connection, I lose internet and everything, and I have to turn air plane mode on and off to reset it

The same thing happens if someone sends me a picture message, I never receive it and my network tanks

I’m in Australia if that’s anything relevant

I’ve only had /e/ for a few days and the list of issues just keeps growing

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Yes, after checking and comparing your APN settings to your provider’s website,

you can have a look at ”bands-standards" used by the “network type” selected for the integrated modem :
With the dialer, compose *#*#4636#*#* then choose “phone information” in the menu

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Hi @Sidevalve337

i am having the same trouble in Australia. Have you had any luck fixing it so far?
What other issues have you found with the phone?

i have found that sometimes i can send mms when on wifi with mobile data turned off…
i am with Optus and have checked all the APN settings according to their website.

let me know how you went please,


Hi @Sidevalve337

quick update. i can send an mms by doing this:

  • turn mobile data off
  • turn wifi on
  • send mms - wait a minute
  • turn mobile data on

as soon as i turn mobile data on, the mms sends… very odd, as it wont send with mobile data turned on all the time - just get a ‘failed to send’ error under the mms picture.



Hi @Sidevalve337

Another update. i managed to get it working after updating my APN (access point names) to the latest values on this website for Optus:

This website also has other Australian APN’s listed - pretty useful

APN mms
Multimedia message proxy
Multimedia message port 8070
MCC 505
MNC 02
Authentication type PAP ( i used none to get it working)
APN type mms
APN protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol IPv4
Bearer Unspecified

after updating, it still didnt work. i restarted my phone, then
turned mobile data off.
sent an MMS
turned mobile data on
and it started working normally

after this, i could send and receive MMS as you would normally expect to be able to.