Samsung S9 NFC not working

Hello everyone !

I have a little problem on my Samsung Galaxy S9 with /e/ preinstalled : NFC isn’t working.

If I enable it in the settings, then the NFC switch turns on and it becomes greyed out. If I quit the settings and open it again, the NFC is disabled.

Is there any way to make NFC work ? I use it regularly.

Thanks in advance

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Any ideas ?
Is this problem already known ?

NFC didn’t work for me on oreo on a oneplus 3T, on pie it works though, so I think it is an issue with lineageos 15 and NFC.

NFC isn’t exaclty secure though.

Ok thanks, so there isn’t any way to make that working ?

I know that it isn’t secure but I use it to program my drones (set the frequency before flight)… I have no alternatives.

Only suggest is to build /e/ for your device on pie or find someone who is already on pie and see if it works.

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Apparently I managed to activate it by using the Raiffeisen Twint application to pay. In the settings, it’s written that NFC is activated but I didn’t have the time to test if it realy works yet.

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I am in a similar situation. I bought an S9 from the esolutions shop, and according to their web site, NFC should work:

However, as the OP noticed, it doesn’t. There is a slider in the settings to turn on NFC, but it remains grayed out after you do this. I rarely use NFC, but sometimes you really need it, and it is embarrassing that their web site is not accurate about what they sell you.