Samsung S9 on Q: No more OTA updates?


I had OTA updates until september (update 1.15) and nothing until now.

After looking manually for a file to download on starlte (S9) device page, I noticed Q version are not downloadable anymore after 1.14.
R starts in version 1.15.
My version is precisely:
e_starlte-user 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20230914.215026 dev-keys,dev-release
My S9 is SM-G960F.

So, I’m a little lost.
How I got the 1.15 Q version and do I need to upgrade manually to R ?
Or, do I need to wait for the OTA upgrade to R for S9 devices ?

Best regards.

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You’re using a DEV build, so you won’t get an OTA upgrade, only STABLE builds get that.

You have to do a manual upgrade, both if you stay on DEV builds or if you switch to STABLE builds.

Hello, @Akha.
I asked this same question some days ago, and got these answers here : Feedback for v1.16 - #102 by jpmeuret (and following 5 or 6 posts) => you may have more than 1 solution :slight_smile:


I use a dev version because there was no stable version at that time. I have used e well before version 1.

I choose a S9 hoping it could match some OTA upgrades one day in the future, apparently without chance.

Why a stable version couldn’t be deployed like a standard OTA?
Ex: 1.15 stable on top of 1.15 dev
Are they so different?

With a 1.15 stable, I could have the OTA upgrade to R…


@Manoj sorry to disturb you with this but is there a chance to have a stable version 1.15 to end the Q line for Samsung S9 (instead of 1.15 dev) ?

Stable builds are rolled out for devices we sell on our MurenaStore. The Samsung S9’s are no longer sold. The stable builds are on R. The stable and dev builds are built using different development keys and require a complete format before it can be flashed.

Thanks for your answer.