Samsung s9 problem moving from lineage OS to /e/ OS

I recently installed lineage OS on samsung s9 starlte and it worked without any problem. Now I would like to upgrade to /e/ OS after the release of v2.0.
However, I may have broken my device as I manually deleted the system partition into recovery. Now I can only reboot in download mode, but heimdall 1.4.2 is unable to find my device (I have already tried different cables and USB ports and they are the same ones I used to install lineage OS).
I always get the error:

Initialising connection...
Detecting device...
ERROR: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device.

So I am unable to flash a new recovery and system. Do you have any suggestions? Is there anything I can do?

When you look on the Odin mode screen, without the PC connected, do you see any unusual lock or something else showing?

If you have access to a Windows PC you could see if Odin sees the phone.

it could be a security patch level conflict because :

This /e/OS v2.0 version includes the Android security patches available until April 2024.

if formating /data don’t help, you have two options :

  • wait for a more recent build that you can install from recovery
  • starting from scratch by reinstalling Samsung firmware as a base