Samsung S9 / S9+ Android Q update ? When can we expect it?

Will it be possible to upgrade from “E” Android 8 version?

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I believe the dev “Q” builds are already available. I’m running them on my OnePlus 6T and my Moto G7+, and I don’t notice a difference from stable. I did not find flashing to be too difficult, although it looks like you have to flash stock Android 10 before /e/, if I understand that correctly.

Thank you for the answer. Do you know how can I flash stock android 10 to my Galaxy S9+ running “E” Android 8? Is it possible to download “Android 10 image” from somewhere? If yes which is the best tool TWRP? to flash it ?

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that (part of the reason I moved away from the S9s), but I do know that the image has to be one of the international ones.