Samsung S9 Security update march 2022

I’ve just read that Samsung is offering an ota security update for Samsung S9. That is a good thing. Just security, and still Android 10.
But would it be a good thing to go to stock rom, get this new security update, and go back to /e/ again?
Or does this not have any effect on Vendor, or other parts that are ‘shared’?
Anyone with some advise?

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Probably you have to check yourself if you want to be sure.

Reverting to stock rom would probably do the trick, I think. But whether it’s worth the hassle depends on the severity of the vulnerabilities the update patches. Where did you read about it? It would help if we had more details.

I read it on in the netherlands. Based on:
Four-year-old Galaxy S9 gets latest security update - SamMobile

And these security and privacy updates;

Yesterday I installed latest stock rom to get this last security update.
As experiment I tried to install Lineageos 18.1 unofficial and tried to install MicroG as well after stock. Therefor I managed to realise signature spoofing with these instructions:

This was working wonderfull, but …
I kept problems with some apps that could not find Googles Plays store. While I had all the marks in MicroG self check.
Today I reinstalled /E/ Q 0.22 on my starlte. This is working well again. But I wanted to try android 11 as well.
There is something that worries me.
In MicroG settings - Google SafetyNet - Test SafetyNet attestation
I get a warning: Warning: CTS profile does not match.
How can I fix this? Do I have to fix this?
I use Aurora store, but can not find all the apps I want and I had before.

Some apps are geo-restricted.

That is not the problem I have. The apps I could not find, where Tikkie (Dutch), Sprint (Sport app). I installed these before on /e/ same version.
I managed to install them from a seedvault backup now. Then I could even update via Aurora.