Samsung S9+(SM-G965F)


An update to android Pie for the Samsung S9 plus(SM-G965F)would be great(phone bought from /e/).

Since the S9 and the S9+ are generally mentioned together I’m adding my request for a Pie upgrade for the S9 in there. Please let me know if you’d prefer a separate thread for this.

It would be cool to have a Pie update for the S9 and S9+, because they are on the official /e/ store.

This would be the least of the things that those who have bought their Samsung S9 or S9+ on the site /e/ also benefit from the update to Android Pie, I’m concerned but probably many others too…

I would also love to see a Pie Update for the S9.
Although there is no official Lineage support for the S9 anymore, there are still a bunch of unofficial LOS 16 builds out there. Maybe the available source code can help the developers:

@Strosse Could you please edit the thread title to also include the S9 SM-G960? Would be great :wink:

And an update for Samsung S9(SM-G960)also ofcourse.Thanks

Without really knowing it, but I assume that version 1.0 will be released by the Mobile World Congress in February 2020 in Barcelona at the latest. Why shouldn’t this be (e-1.0-p) …

Why do I think that? Because just a few days ago, two Samsung devices not yet supported were launched with e-pie: 2 Devices added to /e/ Supported List

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